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August 31 Michael Update

Michael is back in the hospital again. He went back in on Saturday. It looks like it’s mainly his congestive heart failure this time, which is linked to his kidneys not working, which is linked to…

I got to visit him and his family on Tuesday evening. It was a real nice visit. This is the first time he’s been awake and interactive in all the times I’ve gone to see him in the hospital.

I guess he slept for almost a day and a half before I got there. But when I got there he was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

I got to meet some more of his family members and hang out with his mom and his sister in the cafeteria for a while.

They have a nurse in his room now 24/7. Prior to this they thought he was pretty much on his way out, but now they’re not sure what’s going on.

I can tell this emotional roller coaster is taking a toll on his mom Doris. Please keep her in your prayers.


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Misc. Updates

I went to visit Michael Wednesday and got a pleasant surprise. Another pastor who is a friend of the family (and mine) went over there the day before and prayed with him to accept Christ. I also got to talk to Michael and pray with him and his mom before I left. Pray that God’s work would continue in his heart and that his faith in Jesus would be strengthened and refined.

Caleb’s new glasses came in on Thursday. They turned out real nice. They are brown with transition lenses and flex-frames. Hopefully this will mean that we don’t have to take them in as often to get them adjusted. The whole thing would have cost around $420. After insurance we paid $62. Nice.

We went in the other day and had Klara try on some frames for little faces. We found a pair that she really likes and they are also the flex-frames, so that’s cool too. Her glasses should be done in about a week. She looks so cute. But we’re going to have some major training ahead of us. You should see how she puts them on… funny… but not really.

I spent the first part of the week trimming up around the yard. I now have a brush pile in the middle of my backyard that will take at least two trips in a pickup. You would think that I lived in the jungle or something. It’s amazing how that stuff can take over your backyard if you don’t stay on top of it.

Our last Sunday service was really nice. Everything went really well and we had lots of people there which was also nice.

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Walking Through Walls… Almost

So the other day, as I was leaving Walmart I experienced a recurring phenomenon. I was walking toward the double doors and figured they would open automatically. They didn’t. I got closer, still nothing. I had a decision to make… I kept going. Nothing. And then at the last possible second, the doors opened and I narrowly avoided an embarrassing situation.

This was my closest call in quite a while. However as I was walking to my car, I asked myself why this happens to me on a regular basis with these types of doors. And then it hit me… my long legs.

I don’t know why I never thought of that before. But when I get in a little bit of a hurry, as I was that day, I lengthen my stride. It’s not that I’m running toward the doors or anything, but it’s just long enough that if I step in the right spot, just outside the sensor’s range, then by the time my body comes in range I’m already moving toward the door faster than most and by the end of my step I’m basically there. Most people probably take two steps. Which would give the sensor the extra time it needs.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not actually going to change anything… I like playing chicken with the doors at Walmart. It gives me a little rush and it’s less dangerous (and expensive) than skydiving!

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More Michael

I was talking to Michael’s mom last Sunday and she said that Michael told her that he wasn’t ready to die yet. This is the first time that he has been willing to talk about these things with her. She was very encouraged. I am planning to stop  by his place this evening to chat.

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Over at The Gospel-Driven Church, Jared Wilson has a great post with some quotes from Agustus Toplady in regard to the difference between faith, assurance of faith, and full assurance of faith.

I found them helpful and I hope you will too. I find much of what Jared posts to be very beneficial. You will probably find lots of links to his stuff appearing here in the future.

Here are the first two points from his post. There are six total.

1. Faith is the hand by which we embrace or touch, or reach toward, the garment of Christ’s righteousness, for our own justification.-Such a soul is undoubtedly safe.

2. Assurance I consider as the ring which God puts, upon faith’s finger.-Such a soul is not only safe, but also comfortable and happy.

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Hey there. Not sure if any of you are familiar with Themelios, but from what I’ve seen/read, it’s really a great resource. I’ts more on the academic side, but it’s free and I’ve read things by some of the guys that contribute and many of them seem really solid. Just thought you might want to check it out sometime.

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iPad 3 With Retina Display

As many of you know, I’m not a huge Apple fan or anything, but I have come to appreciate many aspects of both their hardware and software. However I’m pretty cheap, so I tend to buy weak little PC’s and then give them lots of loving care to keep them running long past their life-expectancy. For example, both of my computers still run Windows XP.

However, I’ve messed around with a few of the iPads and I think they’re pretty nifty. But ever since I held an iPhone 4 with the retina display I could never bring myself to even think about buying an iPad that didn’t have an equally brilliant display. Not that the one it has is that bad or anything (and if anyone wants to give me one, I will be more than willing to take it) but once I saw the retina display, there was no going back.

Well, I just saw this article speculating that Apple may come out with an iPad 3 sporting a retina display sometime in 2012.

If this does come to fruition, expect to receive a support-raising letter from me in the near future!

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