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One of Those Stretches

Wow. It’s been quite an intense couple of weeks. Hence the sparse posts. I really appreciate your prayers and want to make sure that you know what’s going on with us, so I’ll keep trying my best. Here’s some brief summaries of several things…

Last Friday through Monday was a blur. I had a sermon on “Fasting” that I needed to prepare, but that I got a late start because of some meetings that I had during the week. So I started working on it late in the week, and then Saturday I found out that one of our older church members died and so I needed to meet with the family and prepare a funeral sermon as well. Basically, I prepared or preached or slept from Friday through Monday afternoon. I don’t know how God did it, but it all got done and everything turned out far better than it should have, naturally speaking. God was so good to us, and met with us, and touched a lot of hearts. It was a very special weekend.

Now tomorrow after work I head down to the Detroit area for a state-wide denominational meeting… and to visit some grandparents.

Then this next weekend I’m speaking at a friend’s wedding.

We’ve had some new people join and church and some other new families talk to me about attending. It’s been an encouraging couple of months. More people are coming and God seems to be doing good things in their hearts.

We started our mid-week children’s program this last Wednesday and we had more kids than ever before on the first week. A lot of kids and families who don’t go to church, but who brought their children to our VBS this summer came back and it was great to see them.

We also had two new kids in the youth group meeting who came for the first time. Their mom was at the funeral and now they wanted to come to church. It was pretty cool.

Random update… One of my back teeth chipped. Now I’ve got this weird sharp feeling back there. Well, just another chance to utilize my insurance. Now I’ve just got to make the time to go in.

We’re also going to get Beka some glasses soon.

I’ve had some really good meetings and conversations with people.

I’m amazed by how many people are tired of churches being run like a business. I didn’t realize those sentiments were so wide-spread.

Not sure what else to say. I know there’s more, but I’ve got to get going on some other stuff.



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A good friend, and an older member of our church who was blind for most of her life (from a polio infection when she was young) just died.

She’s been in poor health for a while, but she got very weak very quickly these last few days. Please pray for June and her children and many grandchildren.

She will be greatly missed.

I just visited her on Wednesday at the nursing home. She was always so happy to have me visit. I got to hold her hand and pray with her and give here two CD’s of some sermons I recently recorded so she could listen to them. I wonder if she did.

What a wonderful lady. I’m so glad she can see again. I’m going to miss her, but I’m also so happy for her.

Heaven was made for people like her.


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Sermon Prep

Working on a sermon from Matthew 6:16-18. A little behind this week as there have been several other things that have needed attention. Pray for progress and clarity.

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More Time

I recently attended a Minister’s Association meeting with a dozen or so of the pastors from around the area. Before the meeting started I was speaking with one of the other pastors of a large Baptist church in the area. I know this guy and we get along well.

Somehow the topic of bi-vocational ministry came up. I think he asked me if I was still working at UPS in the mornings and whatnot.

At one point he ended up saying that he has often thought that bi-vocational ministry is the best situation because it helps to keep you focused on what’s most important because you simply don’t have time to do the other things.

I’ve been thinking about what he said lately. And I would agree. If there is one strong-point for being a bi-vocational pastor, it’s that I have to stay focused on what’s most important. I almost don’t have a choice in the matter. I have to preach, pray, and meet with people. And I usually don’t even have enough time to do that. And it’s true that my limited availability forces me to stick to those priorities.

But you know what. I think it’s sad that I need a truncated schedule to keep me focused on God’s priorities in my life. I think it’s sad that if I had more time I would probably waste it on ministry activities that are dictated more by the expectations of others or a sinful tendency to gravitate toward that which is less spiritually demanding, than ministry that flows from Biblical convictions.

It is not too much time that is the problem; it’s a lack of conviction, courage, and follow-through.

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I’ve had all sorts of stuff to post, but it’s just been one of those weeks where the days seems to disappear.

Michael went back to the ICU earlier this week. I went and visited him and his mother. He was on a ventilator and they pretty much said they had done all they could do here and they were going to transfer his somewhere that had more specialists. The bottom line is that it’s near the end and they seem to want someone to definitively say that there’s nothing more that can be done… and then that’s it.

So they’ve moved him to St. Mary’s in Saginaw. I doesn’t seen good. Please pray for his mom Doris during this time. They have to stay at a motel down there until all this gets sorted out.

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Sunday 9/11/11 Sermon

Preaching this Sunday on the “Lord’s Prayer” from Matthew chapter 6. Would appreciate your prayers as I work on it this afternoon.

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Prayer for Uncle Glen

Please pray for my Uncle Glen.

This is my dad’s older brother. He’s in his early 70’s. His wife, my aunt Joanne died almost a year ago. I did her funeral. It has been a rough transition for him. His health has gone downhill and now he’s having some significant problems with his “nerves.” He has no history of problems in this area. They tried some medication to see if it would help and it made things significantly worse. Now everybody’s just kind of at a loss as to what to do to help him out. People are trying to spend time with him and get him out of the house but he just doesn’t want to, and some of his other physical limitations make it difficult as well.

I can tell this really concerns my dad. My uncle Glen was always the brother that really took my dad under his wing. Pray that God would use this in both of their lives and show me how to love them during this time.


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