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So, Wednesdays are usually pretty full days for me because I have to try and get some stuff done for later in the week but I’ve also got to prep for a youth group meeting that we have at 6:00pm.

Each week there are a handful of elderly women at different nursing homes and long-term care facilities that I try to visit.

And this week I found myself wishing that I didn’t have to do it. Not because I don’t like the ladies or anything, but just because time was tight and I had visited them so many times already that I just didn’t want to try to switch into a whole different gear and hop in the car and make the rounds.

I ALMOST didn’t do it. I could have justified it a hundred different ways and I don’t think I would have been wrong to take a break this week.

BUT, I figured I would break it up and make a quick trip and visit half of them before youth group and then try to do the other half another day this week.

So I went… and I’m so glad I did.

At my first stop my friend’s brother was also there visiting her and so I got to meet him for the first time and it turns out that he is friends with my uncle and was at my aunt’s funeral that I spoke at. He immediately recognized me and you could tell that funeral had left an impression on him and he was so thankful that I would stop and talk with his sister as often as I did. In particular, he was very thankful in light of that fact that her pastor won’t come and visit her but I will and she’s not even a member of our church.

I ended up talking with this gentlemen and his girlfriend for about 15 minutes out in the parking lot before we left. We talked until it got so cold we were shivering. As I left, I could tell that God was in it in a very big way. And I was thankful I had come. It was an encouragement to me in many ways.

Then I went to the nursing home in town to visit with an old friend of our family who babysat me when I was a little kid. She has advanced┬áParkinson’s Disease and recently had to be admitted because her daughter just couldn’t take care of her at home anymore. She’s a Christian but still a pretty “young” one in a sense. She’s pretty much confined to her chair and has to have someone feed her because she shakes too bad to feed herself. I have a Bible at my house that her daughter have to my parents to give to me when I was like four years old.

We talked about how hard it is to lose your independence and have to be served instead of doing the serving. I can tell that it is very hard for her to be there and away from her home.

Before I left I asked if she would pray for me and then I would pray for her, and for a moment she hesitated. I forgot how nervous people can get praying in front of “the pastor” because I don’t think of myself like that at all. But she said, “Yes” and she prayed one of the most honest, heartfelt, and simple prayers I have ever had anyone pray for me in my whole love. I was in tears by the time she was done. I did my best to pray for her and then we talked for a little while and I left.

I think I have this whole thing backwards. I don’t think I visited anyone on Wednesday, I think they visited me and God came with them. And just to think that I ALMOST didn’t do it. What a fool I can be.

What are you ALMOST not going to do today, this week, or this month because even though you know it would be honoring to God you just don’t feel like you have the time or energy to do it? Would you reconsider? Don’t worry about doing everything, just do that ONE thing and see what happens.

Oh Lord, may we be faithful in the small things. Faithful in the small things, for your name’s sake, that your Son might be praised and that we might grow in grace just as much as those we seek to minister to. Please help Bev and Mary and even me to remember that we are never alone, for you will never leave us nor forsake us. Amen.


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Kids Choir

This Sunday we are going to have the little kids sing a few songs and play a song or two with the hand-bells. These services usually brings in a handful of extra people who don’t normally go to church so please pray that God would speak to them through his Word while they are with us.

I will be in Matthew 8:5-13. It will be the second sermon in a two-part series. The first part was titled “Distance” and I talked about the distance between Jesus and God according to the centurion who approached him… and just in case you’re wondering that distance was zero. And that’s why Jesus had more power than the entire Roman Empire.

This Sunday we’re going to talk about the distance between each other that results from distance between us and God, and how that gap is bridged by grace through faith in the saving power of Jesus Christ.

“But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ” (Ephesians 2:13).

I need prayer that I would go shorter this Sunday than I have the past two Sundays. My sermons lately have been nudging up near 50 minutes a piece.

We just won’t have the time for it this Sunday as we’ve got communion and some special music as well.

Pray for clarity, conviction, and faithfulness to Jesus in under 30 minutes. That sounds funny, but it works.


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