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A good friend of mine named Sharon died of cancer just before Ericka and I left on vacation. She was 75-years-old.

I got to know her because she was roommates with another lady from our church at the local nursing home. I would visit each week and over time I got to know her and sometimes I would visit with her just as much as I would visit with Marion.

I think she cried every time I prayed with her. She was such a sweet lady. One day she was terribly worried because her medicine made it hard for her to concentrate and so she couldn’t pray very well anymore and sometimes when she would try to pray at night she would end up falling asleep. She was afraid that God would be mad at her. I’ll never forget it, or the look of relief on her face when I told her that certainly wasn’t the case. I’ve never seen someone so relieved.

I stopped by to see her and pray with her on Thursday evening. She was having a hard day, but otherwise she was doing well. By Sunday morning she had died. It came as quite a surprise. You never know what visit will be your last.

Please pray for my friend and her roommate Marion. They got to be good friends over the last few months and I know this won’t be an easy adjustment for her.


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T4G 2012 Favorite Sessions

All the sessions were good in one way or another, but if I had to pick my three personal favorites they would be as follows…


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