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Worlds Apart

I just sat down at a little fold-up TV tray in my bedroom which also doubles as my office sometimes, and I opened up my laptop, checked my email and turned on Pandora. The first song to play was “Worlds Apart” by Jars of Clay.

I’ll never forget listening to this album for the first time in my dorm room at CMU. If I remember correctly, it belonged to a new friend of mine and he loaned it out to me so I could listen to it. In many ways it was the background music for the beginning of a new life, a life I’ve been living for about 15 years now.

Several years later I bought the album for myself and put it on my Ipod so I could listen to it when I ran at the SAC. Sometimes, as I listened to them sing, “Take my world apart,” I would run faster and faster until I literally felt like my legs and my lungs were going to rip apart. It felt so good to worship in that way.

And even today that song still hits home. I need Jesus to take my world apart and put it back together in a way that glorifies him more than it does right now. There’s always too much of me. It’s humbling to think of his great patience and kindness toward us in the midst of our pride and blindness.

What a merciful God we serve! “Have mercy on us, Son of David!” the blind men cried out. They knew they were broken and in need of the saving, remaking, redeeming power of Jesus. Their world was already severely torn apart and in need of someone to put it back together again. And without sight they saw through eyes of faith and grasped onto Jesus with that desperate cry. And the Savior did not disappoint.

Jesus, please take my world apart and cause me to cry out for more of you in my life because I know that you alone satisfy the deepest cravings of my heart.



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