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I will be officiating the funeral for my friend Marion this coming Saturday at 11:00am. Please pray for me and the family and those in attendance.


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I just got back from visiting my friend Marion in the hospital tonight. She went in last Wednesday, they moved her up to ICU two days ago and when I saw her then she was unresponsive. They have now moved her up to the hospice room and her friends and family are coming to say goodbye.

Please pray for her and for the grace of God to reign supreme in her life in these last few hours. She has known and trusted Jesus for a long time and through a lot of suffering recently. An amazing example of gratitude in the midst of pain. She lost her husband a few years ago, then she broke her hip, then as soon as her hip was better she broke her femur, and to top it off she gets hooked up for 4 hours of dialysis every other day.

Now she won’t have to deal with any of that. Now she only has to deal with death, and she’s about to find out the Jesus is stronger than she could have ever imagined.

Please pray for her family as well and for me as I minister to them and try to put together a funeral sometime in the near future.

Thank you so much.

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A good friend of mine named Sharon died of cancer just before Ericka and I left on vacation. She was 75-years-old.

I got to know her because she was roommates with another lady from our church at the local nursing home. I would visit each week and over time I got to know her and sometimes I would visit with her just as much as I would visit with Marion.

I think she cried every time I prayed with her. She was such a sweet lady. One day she was terribly worried because her medicine made it hard for her to concentrate and so she couldn’t pray very well anymore and sometimes when she would try to pray at night she would end up falling asleep. She was afraid that God would be mad at her. I’ll never forget it, or the look of relief on her face when I told her that certainly wasn’t the case. I’ve never seen someone so relieved.

I stopped by to see her and pray with her on Thursday evening. She was having a hard day, but otherwise she was doing well. By Sunday morning she had died. It came as quite a surprise. You never know what visit will be your last.

Please pray for my friend and her roommate Marion. They got to be good friends over the last few months and I know this won’t be an easy adjustment for her.

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Prayer Requests

Just a few quick prayer requests.

One is for a lady who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a friend of one of the families at our church. They also found the cancer in her lymph nodes and so they went in to remove 2/3rds of them, and when they were done and did all the biopsies they found at that they removed the wrong ones. So that bad ones are still in there and she has to decide whether to get those taken out or just leave them in and try to start chemo right away. Heartbreaking situation.

I need wisdom for leading the church this summer. It presents good opportunities for outreach, but I need to know what to take advantage of and what to pass on. I don’t want to get spread too thin–me or the church.

From now until May I have to call in to my morning job every day to see if they need me to come in and work. If not, I get to work longer at church and they will compensate me accordingly. It’s a good opportunity, but it really messes with the flow of your week and it can be hard to hit a good groove.

Pray that people would come to Christ and grow in grace.

Pray that my relationships with area pastors would stay strong and I would take time and be intentional about developing those relationships and serving those men.

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Kids Choir

This Sunday we are going to have the little kids sing a few songs and play a song or two with the hand-bells. These services usually brings in a handful of extra people who don’t normally go to church so please pray that God would speak to them through his Word while they are with us.

I will be in Matthew 8:5-13. It will be the second sermon in a two-part series. The first part was titled “Distance” and I talked about the distance between Jesus and God according to the centurion who approached him… and just in case you’re wondering that distance was zero. And that’s why Jesus had more power than the entire Roman Empire.

This Sunday we’re going to talk about the distance between each other that results from distance between us and God, and how that gap is bridged by grace through faith in the saving power of Jesus Christ.

“But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ” (Ephesians 2:13).

I need prayer that I would go shorter this Sunday than I have the past two Sundays. My sermons lately have been nudging up near 50 minutes a piece.

We just won’t have the time for it this Sunday as we’ve got communion and some special music as well.

Pray for clarity, conviction, and faithfulness to Jesus in under 30 minutes. That sounds funny, but it works.


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Advent Presents Anyone?

Many, many years ago (I’m getting old) we celebrated Christmas with our first two young children. We got them a few different presents, only to find out that they played with the first one for about ten minutes, the second one for about ten minutes, and then the third one for the rest of the day.

Then the relatives came over and buried them in presents and they totally forgot about ours. I cried myself to sleep that night.

As a result, Ericka and I did some talking and we decided that we wanted to spread Christmas out a bit and so for the last several years we have given each of our kids one present each Sunday in December leading up to Christmas. And each time we did we would go over a different part of the Christmas story. It worked well both practically and spiritually.

This year we were more intentional about tying it into the season of Advent. It’s been a lot of fun, and real good for our family.

If you’re not very familiar with Advent I would encourage you to look into it. It has really helped us to stay focused on Jesus in the busy weeks leading up to Christmas.


And please keep praying for me as I have some very interesting meetings and have to make some important decisions and lead in some clear ways.

Things are going well at the church. Real well actually. God is bringing more and more people our way and many of them are taking some very wonderful steps of faith.

Lately I’ve given away two Bibles to people who are coming to our church who didn’t have one but wanted to get one so they could read it and have one to bring to Bible study. Pretty cool.

This week I’ve got two sermons. One on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas morning. Please pray that I would know what to hit on and that it would be short, sweet, and powerful.

Enjoy the Lord.

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At-Risk Youth Group

Last year we had one JH aged kid who needed someone to study the Bible with him on Wednesday nights. I volunteered, spent a couple months getting to know him, and then we broke for the summer.

Before school started I picked out a curriculum that would be just perfect for us.

Then, instead of having one fairly tame kid who has grown up in the church, I find that I have two new at-risk cousins to minister to.

Then one of their siblings starts to come, and one week he brings his girlfriend.

So my youth group of 1 turned into a group of 5 and then the one boy broke up with his girlfriend so now it’s down to 4, which is still significantly more than what I was expecting.

I had an older volunteer come to one of the meetings and we talked afterwards. You could tell by the look on his face that he was just floored. I asked him what he thought, and he was amazed by all their energy and he wanted how I learned to handle those situations so well.

I just smiled, as a thousand memories flashed through my mind.

Some things never change.

However, on a more serious note, I simply do not have the time to lead this youth group, and I am now in far over my head. I can keep it up until the summer break, but that’s it at best.

I have some older folks who would be willing to lead the group just to help me out, but we both know they won’t be able to handle it.

So, we’re currently at a loss. Please pray that God would provide someone to shepherd these precious kids in their walk with God.

Also, I have a very important meeting with someone who was a member of our church many years ago but who now attends elsewhere. We are friends for various reasons, and I know God wants me to talk to him about some things. Pray that the Lord would lead and that he would speak and that his will would be done. That’s all because that’s truly all we need.

Much appreciated.

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