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Came across this link to one of John Piper’s first sermons he gave when he was 25 years old. It’s only 18 minutes long, a good lesson in itself, but even more importantly, it’s 18 very solid minutes. Enjoy.



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Sunday 9/11/11 Sermon

Preaching this Sunday on the “Lord’s Prayer” from Matthew chapter 6. Would appreciate your prayers as I work on it this afternoon.

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Sunday 9/4/11 Sermon Update

If you happened to read the last post and pray for me between then and now… Thanks.

I’m wrapping up a little over four hours later and I’ve pretty much got it all done. I’ve just got to take a break so my eyes don’t get buggy looking at this monitor for so long, and then I will wrap up the conclusion sometime before Sunday morning.

Now, the main issue is that it wouldn’t be too long. There are so many good things that could be said, especially up front.

I didn’t even get past verse 4.

At this point I’ve got to wonder if I should actually break this first sermon into two or something. Oh well. Keep praying.



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