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Textual Criticism

Not sure how many of you are familiar with the topic of textual criticism but I find it very interesting and edifying. It’s basically the science of determining the original wording of the Bible.

Our English Bibles (particularly the New Testaments) are translated from thousands of ancient Greek manuscripts. And not all of those manuscripts say the same thing… gasp!

However, in most situations the differences are inconsequential and don’t affect the meaning or application of any major teaching yet alone the most important components of the gospel message we find in 1 Corinthians 15:3-8.

However, there are a few variants that are more significant, and you can usually find them marked with special characters in your Bible and explained in the footnotes.

One of those passages is Matthew 18:15, and Michael Patton has a great post explaining the differences and the implications over at the Parchment and Pen Blog.

If you’re interested, give it a look and check out his other related posts. The ones from Dan Wallace are particularly helpful.


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